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The easiest way to search for a record or cd is with the 'Quick search'. Here you can specify what to search for example only vinyl, only cd or even more specific only vinyl Maxi-Singles or only Longplays (vinyl and CD) The term you type into the serch filels will be located in the colums Artist, Title und Remark. So you can for example search for cover versions by typing 'Coverversion', because I try to note this in the column Remark.
And the there is the [Detailed search]. For the moment you cannot search the fiels Remark, but you can include the track lists in your search to find compilations with a special song.
You can search here, and that is new, for genre and record label.
If you want to have a quick overview you can browse [a list of all groups and artists] and [Genres].

Result list

By clicking the item will be put into the shopping cart.
A more detailed information and a bigger picture will be shown if you click on the thumbnail image on the left or the title.

Shopping cart

In the upper right corner of the screen the actual shopping cart is displayed. By clicking on this symbol in the list or in the detailed view the item will be put into the shopping cart. As soon as there are items in the shopping cart you can display the contend with [show cart].
Shipping charges and methods depends on the destination, that's why you must select the country first. After that you can insert name and address, choose payment method and submit the order.

More information

Information on how to order, payment methods, shipping charges, used abbreviations are here: [Info / How to order].

Once a week (in general on thursday) I send a newsletter, in which all records and cd that I received new the last week are listed. You can [subscribe to the Newsletter here.

You can download the [complete list (zip-compressed)] and browse it off-line at home, or display the list on the screen within your browser.

If you are near Stuttgart I would be happy if you visit my store. Here you can of course listen to all records and cds.
If there's a problem with the new design, [here is the old one]

If the page doesn' react as you expect, you can [reset] it, but shopping cart an address are deleted as well


You can make your orders through the web form, with email (in this case please provide your address in the mail) or on the phone.
After I've received your order I will return a confirmation mail (normally after 2 working days). In this mail the order is summarized and payment details are given. Please do not transfer money before you receive this mail, because ordered item may be already sold.
I will ship the items in general within one day after I've received the payment.
If you have already ordered before, I can collect your individual orders in order to ship them together. Especially if you recieve my newsletter you'll probably find only one or two items each week, so this will help you to save shipping charges.
But please do not cancel your order after I've reserved the items for you.

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You have to pay in advance, I will ship after I've received the payment. You can pay with:

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Shipping charges

Shipping charges to foreign countries depends on the size of the order and the destination. The table below shows shipping charges for different destionations and items ordered with unregistered mail. In general this works fine and is faster than registered mail. But if the package gets lost, there's no chance to get it back. Registered mail is possible for orders below 1000g for additional Euro. If your order is bigger please ask for the surcharge or switch to SAL-Package (see below).

To calculate the total weight, I assume the individual weight of an item as follows: Finally add the weight of the package: LP 140g, 7" Single 50g, CD 25g
As an example an order 2 LPs (incl. one Double-LP), 1 CD and one Maxi-CD: 910g


Shipping methodweight (g)Price
Letter with Deutsche Post2002.00
Parcel with Hermes-Versand (insured)100005.00
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)100008.00
Pickup at 12inch shop in Stuttgart327670.00

European Union

Shipping methodweight (g)Price
Letter airmail with Deutsche Post (no tracking, no insurance)5005.00
Letter airmail with Deutsche Post (no tracking, no insurance)10009.00
Letter airmail with Deutsche Post (no tracking, no insurance)200021.00
Letter airmail registered with Deutsche Post5007.50
Letter airmail registered with Deutsche Post100011.50
Letter airmail registered with Deutsche Post200023.50
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)500023.00
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)1000030.00
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)2000040.00

other Europe

Shipping methodweight (g)Price
Letter airmail with Deutsche Post (no tracking, no insurance)5005.50
Letter airmail with Deutsche Post (no tracking, no insurance)100010.00
Letter airmail with Deutsche Post (no tracking, no insurance)200020.00
Letter airmail registered with Deutsche Post5008.00
Letter airmail registered with Deutsche Post100012.00
Letter airmail registered with Deutsche Post200023.00
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)500032.00
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)1000040.00
Parcel with Deutsche Post (insured)2000055.00

World 1

Shipping methodweight (g)Price
UPS Expedited100025.00
UPS Expedited200032.00
UPS Expedited300045.00
UPS Expedited400055.00
UPS Expedited500065.00
UPS Expedited700075.00
UPS Expedited1000085.00
UPS Expedited15000105.00
UPS Expedited20000115.00

World 2

Shipping methodweight (g)Price
UPS Expedited100070.00
UPS Expedited200090.00
UPS Expedited3000100.00
UPS Expedited4000110.00
UPS Expedited5000120.00
UPS Expedited7000170.00
UPS Expedited10000220.00
UPS Expedited15000250.00
UPS Expedited20000300.00

European Union = Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus Republic, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estland, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithunia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Schweden, Slovakei, Sloveina, Spain,
other Europe = Bosnien-Herzigovina, Georgia, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom,
World 1 = Algeria, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libyan, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab. Repubic, Tunesia, US United States, United Arab Emirates, Yemen,
World 2 = Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Domenican Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Democratic Rep., Korea, Rep., Macau, Malawi, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zeeland, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Serbia & Montenegro, Singapore, South Afrika, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago,

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Condition of the items

For rating of items and covers I use goldmine standard. Most of the offered items are used. I try to rate each record and each cover, but this can't of course be 100% correct in any case, because I can't listen to each record form the beginning to the end.

Rating of records:

Rating of CDs is not that easy because a cd plays well in most cases, even if it looks terrible. Therefore I rate as follows:

The inlay is in most cases in good condition, because it's protected by the case. Otherwise see rating for vinyl covers.

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Return of bought items

If you are not satisfied with the items you received, please contact me, we will work out a solution.

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12inch's address

Fedor Sigel
Marktstr. 60a
70372 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711-76 35 65
Fax: +49 711-76 35 66 (Computer-Fax, online only through business hours)
email: mail@12inch.de
V.A.T. Id.: DE210659056
I'm not responsible for the content of external links.

Main page: www.12inch.de

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  • RMX: Remix
  • Lim: Limited Edition
  • RI: Reissue
  • CVR: Cover / Sleeve
  • Pict.: Picture-Disc/ CD
  • LC: Label Cover (standard Label-Cover of the record company w/o individual picture)
  • nC: neutral Cover
  • COL: coloured Vinyl
  • CO: Cut Out
  • WOC/L: Writing On Cover / Label
  • StOC/L: Sticker On Cover / Label
  • WPD: Warped Disk
  • Info: Info-sheet from the record-company included.
  • Pro / Promo: Printing on CD, record or sleeve "only for promotional use" or similar.
  • AUT: Autographed
  • FoC: Fold-Out-Cover
  • !: aggravation. e.g. WOC! big writing on cover


  • AT: Austria
  • CA: Canada
  • CH: Helvezia
  • DE: Germany
  • ES: Spain
  • FR: France
  • GB: United Kingdom)
  • IT: Italy
  • NL: Netherland
  • US: USA
  • EU or without: Europe


  • 12"S: 12" Single (Vinyl)
  • 7"S: 7" Single (Vinyl)
  • LP: LP, Longplay (Vinyl)
  • 2LP, 3LP: Double-LP, Triple-LP...
  • MCD: Maxi-CD 5", CD5 (also 3")
  • CD: Longplay-CD
  • 2CD, 3CD: 2x CD ...
  • Tape: Cassette-Tape
  • VHS: Video-Tape

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